JVA’s News You Can Use, 11/27

Welcome to JVA Consulting’s new blog! Each Monday, we will share with you the latest news in the nonprofit sector, as well as interesting headlines that affect the world we live and work in.

(Note: Some of the sources are subscription, so all links direct to the site’s homepage.)

Education Week, 11/20
Fewer than one-quarter of 17-year-olds read almost every day for fun. People who read outside of school or work volunteer at least two times the rate of those who don’t, and they vote 1.5 times the rate of nonreaders.

JVA: Should we be concerned? Did any of you read for fun at 17?

Education Week, 11/20
English profenciency is the biggest predictor of academic achievement in immigrant students, measured by grade point average and standardized test scores. Immigrant students tend to increase English profenciency for their first three years in the U.S.; after that, there is usually a decline in test scores and GPA.

JVA: Are we nurturing these students enough? Or do they simply plateau and lose motivation on their own?

Foundation Center, 11/17
Donations to food banks are down as more people are seeking services. The cost of transporting food has also risen dramatically.

JVA: The cost of oil is cracking $100 a barrel, so it doesn’t look like the cost of transporting food will be going down anytime soon. What are some short-term solutions?

Philanthropy News Digest, 11/15
10% of Americans give to charities online

JVA: Does this stat seem low to you? Do you give online?

New York Times, 11/25
The Peace Corps is actively recruiting those 50 and older for the first time.

JVA: Those over 50 (or near there): Would you consider the Peace Corps at this age? Does this excite you? Or do you think it’s best left to 23-year-olds?

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