JVA’s News You Can Use, 12/3

Welcome to JVA Consulting’s new blog! Each Monday, we will share with you the latest news in the nonprofit sector, as well as interesting headlines that affect the world we live and work in.

(Note: Some of the sources are subscription, so all links direct to the site’s homepage.)

New York Times, 11/30
The children of Latino immigrants learn to speak English well by the time they are adults, even though three-quarters of their parents mainly speak Spanish and do not have a command of English during their lifetime.

JVA: Does this mean that language test scores and grades have little to do with their language mastery over time?

Rocky Mountain News, 11/30
The number of immigrants entering Colorado has flattened in the past year. The report by the Center for Immigration Studies said about 9 percent of Colorado residents (435,000) are immigrants, compared with 10 percent in 2000. Nationally, the number of immigrants entering the U.S. is up 24%.

JVA: Why do we think this is? What does this mean for Colorado?

Rocky Mountain News, 11/29
Colorado ranks eighth in suicides per capita and 17th in depression, according to rankings by Mental Health America, an advocacy group. Most of the western states were higher in both categories than states in the Midwest, South and East Coast.

JVA: Does this shock you? Can we think of any reason why the West would be so high?

Education Week, 11/28
Results are in for the Promising Afterschool Programs Study (which covered eight states): In two years, disadvantaged students who attended afterschool programs that rated “excellent” begin to exceed their peers academically through test score gains.

JVA: This is great data for afterschool programs looking for funding!

Education Week, 11/28
Congress only has a few weeks left in session, and so far no 2008 spending bills for health, education or labor have been passed.

JVA: What does this mean for next year’s federal grant cycle? Will there be less funds for education, health and labor divisions? Will grant season come later? Stay tuned.

Rocky Mountain News, 11/26
Jefferson County has the state’s highest population of homeless students—2,200 students—which comprises 2% of its student body. One percent of Denver Public Schools’ enrollment is homeless.

JVA: Is this surprising to you? We wonder how this is tracked.

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