Issues you care about in this political campaign

Last week, JVA Consulting asked people who subscribe to JVA 411, our weekly online communications about funding opportunities and news in the sector, the following question: The Colorado caucuses are February 5. What issues concern you that you wish presidential candidates were talking about?

Colorado voters have weighed in on their choices for president, and here are the issues that you said you want addressed: Overwhelmingly, immigration and healthcare reform were cited as the two things you cared most about. People talked about the need for “real” immigration reform that respects people; a few wanted to hear candidates talking about the impact of immigration on the environment and public education. All of you wanted specifics in candidates’ talk about healthcare—”what key elements will be in their plan, not just ‘we’ll make it work.‘ ” Universal healthcare garnered a lot of support. The economy is also at the top of your concerns, and people want real answers—”A REAL way to help our economy, the uninsured, and ensure Social Security and Medicare stay funded.” Several of you pointed out the importance of the global economy: “America needs to lead the global economy again, and we need to be talking about how we can make the changes to do so.

You also understand the importance of public education and the connection to the economy. Many of you wanted candidates to talk about education and how to close the achievement gap. You want more investments in arts education and “Sputnick-type funding for math/science K-12 and higher ed programs.” Another common theme was an end to the war in Iraq and bringing American soldiers home. And a distinctly Colorado theme: “The 1872 Mining Law needs to be reformed.”

And reflecting the passion that we have in the sector for wanting to change the world, someone answered: “A quick withdrawal from Iraq. National health care. Support for social services and the nonprofit sector. Supporting a woman’s right to choose. A fair and just immigration policy. A sound and innovative environmental policy which protects our vital resources and supports an international effort to combat global warming. Support for gay marriage. Improving our relations with the Middle East.”

A question for our readers: Do you believe the current candidates are adequately addressing these issues that you care about? Post your comments below.

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