Hot tip: Thank before you bank!

Sometimes we really do begin to sound like our mothers. Today, the topic is thank-you notes. Here is what we say in all our fundraising workshops: Thank before you bank!

I’m on a tear. Trying to get all my tax stuff together this weekend to get to the accountant, including receipts and donor acknowledgments for charitable donations. However…

There has been no word, no letter, nothing beyond the e-mail confirmation that my credit card was processed for at least four end-of-the-year contributions I made. I’ve mentioned this to some friends, who shrug their shoulders and say that that happens frequently to them. And what do you do about this, I ask? —hoping for both practical advice right now, and advice we can plug into our next JVA Consulting workshop on fundraising—

We’ve stopped giving to those organizations” is the most common answer.

Ok, so now we know (and yes, I’ve been guilty as well when I was on the board of a grassroots organization that sent out a mailing and got over 200 checks in one week).

What to do? It’s mid-February. Take a morning or afternoon in the next week, go through those donor lists and let’s get those thank-you notes out—now. On computer-generated letters, add a handwritten note. We are all busy doing good work, and we need to do this to make sure our donors know we appreciate them.

And I’ll wait until next weekend to organize that paperwork…

* Thank you Heather, my friendly neighborhood grammarian 🙂

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1 Response to Hot tip: Thank before you bank!

  1. turnaroundchurches says:

    Well, did you get them done? More important, have you made it a habit?

    I heard about one of my past clients this weekend that lost a major (for them) funding stream, and they don’t know why. The reports I hear show they’d forgotten to be thankful, and the funding source quit sending the checks.

    Ought to be a reminder to all of us.

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