Do you Razoo?

A couple months ago, we posted a blog that touched on some new giving technologies, including local company Mobile Accord’s text-to-give launch and some of the ways organizations can use Facebook’s Causes to promote and attract younger donors.

We have now found another site that might be of interest! Razoo, an organization created “to promote social good and to inspire others to get involved by making giving and serving fun, easy, and meaningful,” has just come out with a Web site that offers a way for donors to streamline their giving. It allows donors to support organizations they care about, follow the social effect of their gifts, and monitor their giving all on one site. Best of all, it has 0% transaction fees! The site referred to as “Razoo Alpha” is still in the making but already it has over 1 million organizations involved. Razoo has partnered with organizations like Network for Good to ensure this is an efficient and effective process.

Razoo also hosts social networking site, which features rotating member profiles (and how they want to change the world!), a blog called Good Happens, with recent posts on ditching disposable water bottles and the global food crisis. They also feature a community soapbox, which currently has posts about recycling, some cool new innovations and more. Razoo is also launching a concept called SpeedGranting, which is a Facebook application acknowledging people for pitching and promoting their social initiatives.

Check it out and, as always, let us know what you think!

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