Why JVA’s grantwriting training is different…and other answers to your questions about our nonprofit training workshops

We recently posted notices of some of our training workshops on JVA’s Web site, and I’ve received some questions, so I thought I would post the most frequently asked questions about our trainings.

Why is our grantwriting training better than other workshops available in the area?

Yes, someone asked me this question (it’s a fair one—you’re spending donor dollars allocated to staff development and you want to spend them wisely). And here’s my answer:
No one else teaching grantwriting in the Rocky Mountain region has had JVA’s success in writing proposals that are funded. Over $38 million last year alone. Our classes are taught by our professional grantwriting staff who have secured this grant funding for our clients, and our workshops are the best place to tap into their expertise (short of hiring us to do your proposal writing).
That’s why—if you had taken JVA’s workshop on the new Colorado Common Grant application facilitated by Lisa Cirincione in June—you would have heard a participant state this after the workshop:

Lisa is so knowledgeable. I just learned more in this one-and-a-half-hour workshop than I learned in four different workshops that I took elsewhere.”

Exactly! That’s what you get when you take a JVA workshop, because our trainers are also our full-time staff who do this work every day and are the best at what they do. If you are thinking about taking a workshop somewhere else, ask their trainers how much grant money they have secured in the last year. Then make your choice.
I already have some experience writing grant proposals. Should I take this?
Usually we distinguish between classes for beginners and classes for more experienced grantwriters. This class works for both. Our staff members introduce the material section by section and share their experience of what funders are looking for. Then you have time to work on each section and ask questions—right there, when you are in the middle of it! (How many times have you taken a workshop then went back to the office and thought, Oh, I wish I had asked that question). And you get feedback right then and there.

I can’t make the September 19 date. When will you be offering it again?
As I mentioned, the professional staff who teach our grantwriting classes spend most of their time at JVA working with their clients to develop successful grant proposals. So we allocate a certain number of days to train others.

You have two opportunities coming up this fall to experience this grantwriting training. We are offering Write a Grant in a Day® on September 19 and again on December 4. Space is limited and these sessions go fast, so do sign up today. Click here to register online.

What other trainings are you offering this fall?

We post all of our trainings that are open to the public on our Web site (www.jvaconsulting.com). Click on Training and Capacity Building. We keep updating our trainings, so check back.

Other questions?

E-mail me at Janine@jvaconsulting.com
I’m really proud of the training that we are able to offer and would be happy to answer your questions.

Janine Vanderburg

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