Nonprofits Represent at Republican Convention

We asked JVA partner Bob Price, CEO of the National Center for Social Entrepreneurs in Minneapolis, whether nonprofits were as active at the Republican National Convention as they were at the Democratic National Convention in Denver. Here’s what he had to say:

“Medtronic sponsored an event for which 17 nonprofits acted as co-hosts. As part of that event, Medtronic Foundation paid for a Web site on which these nonprofits could make postings and thus greatly increase awareness of their services.

“The event, called ‘A Celebration of Medical Technology and Innovation,’ also provided display opportunities for its nonprofit partners.

“The Twin Cities arts community also got involved by organizing an ‘UnConvention,’ a way for the arts community to focus attention on political issues that affect it,” Price said. “While focused on political issues, the event was nonpartisan in intent.

“This was a series of events over five days (Saturday through Thursday) that included a talk show called Solutions Volume 3, the Liberty Parade down Nicollet Mall and ended with a free concert in Loring Park.

“The Minneapolis Star Tribune ran a story about UnConvention ( that details more about these events, as well as the organizations and artists involved.”

JVA tip: At, you can change long and unwieldy URLs into simple ones (like we did above). The original URL for the Star Tribune story was 119 characters. We plugged that monster-size URL into this free service and ended up with the 25 character URL above.

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