Walk for Sudan raises money, awareness

JVA staff members are actively engaged in the community, donating their time and energy to others. Two JVAers will be walking for a good cause this weekend in support of ongoing efforts in Sudan. The second annual Walk for Sudan will take place this Saturday, October 18, and will raise money to support nonprofits that are working with Sudanese refugees, improving living conditions in Sudan and advocating for genocide awareness and prevention. To learn how you can participate in this walk, visit www.walkforsudan.org.

Katy Snyder has been a volunteer with Project Education Sudan (PES), serving on the steering committee and the public relations and communications committee. PES focuses on providing education to the refugees in Southern Sudan by building schools, educating women and supplying communities with grain-grinding mills. PES also works with refugees in Denver and has helped reunite Lost Boys with their families in Sudan. Katy’s graduate research about the Lost Boys of Sudan first led her to the organization three years ago. Since then, she has been to Sudan with PES to educate women, conduct a community needs assessment and participate in the reunification of families. She is committed to building relationships with refugees and Lost Boys who live in Denver and to improving living conditions in Sudan. To read more about the work of PES, visit www.projecteducationsudan.org.

Nancy Zuercher serves on the board of directors for Colorado Coalition for Genocide Awareness and Action (CCGAA). CCGAA strives to end complacency about genocide by educating the community and advocating on behalf of victims of genocide. After working for three years on an international war crimes case involving genocide in the former Yugoslavia, Nancy learned not only about the atrocities that had been committed, but also the unwillingness of the international community to become involved. Her work on the case also illuminated the lack of knowledge or understanding of many people in her own community about genocide and what was happening around the world. Through CCGAA, Nancy works toward raising awareness about genocides past and present. To learn more about CCGAA, visit www.ccgaa.org.

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