First-time online donors hard to keep

People who make online donations often do not make additional gifts to nonprofits, according to an article in The Denver Post.

A study by Target Analytics, a unit of Blackbaud, Inc., surveyed 24 nonprofits and found that of those online donors who made additional gifts, 37 percent never gave another gift via the Internet, while 18 percent gave electronically in one year and through other channels in another year.

JVA Consulting counsels clients to include online giving in its mix of fundraising strategies, but as this study suggests, nonprofits should not rely exclusively on online giving.

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1 Response to First-time online donors hard to keep

  1., a local resource for online donors, is not seeing these same statistics. We believe that is in part to the fact that our participating organizations are working hard to cultivate these donors appropriately. If a donor donates to you via the web, most likely that is how they would like to communicate with you, not via the traditional mailed thank you notes.

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