Nonprofits urged to spend more on advertising

A recent post on the Free the Nonprofits blog argues for the need of nonprofits to spend more of their budgets on advertising. According to the post, nonprofits are not surprisingly being squashed by big-spending, for-profit businesses with huge budgets for advertising, and as a result, consumers are being bombarded with messages to buy Coke and Disney products instead of messages to end global hunger or save Darfur.Nonprofits also have to contend with the whims of their donors, who often want to see the money they donate go to direct services, not advertising. According to the author, however, the “best way to create a world that works for everyone is to start doing the same thing Apple did to create a world in which everyone wants an iPod: start building demand for the idea on a massive scale. If The New York Times every morning were full of ads for ending AIDS, eradicating poverty and curing cancer, those causes might just stand a chance against Bloomingdale’s and Netflix.”

If you’d like to start advertising your nonprofit, contact JVA Consulting. We have space available in our 411 newsletter, which goes out to more than 3,000 people a week. Send an email to to receive an advertising rate card.


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