Study: Good website equals more donations

According to Philanthropy Journal, a study by ForeSee Results suggests that paying attention to your nonprofit website can improve your fundraising.

People who are highly satisfied with a nonprofit’s website are 49 percent more likely to donate and 38 percent more like to volunteer than visitors who are dissatisfied with the site. Highly satisfied users also are 57 percent more likely to have a favorable overall impression of the nonprofit and 65 percent more likely to recommend it to others.

JVA Consulting recommends that nonprofits ask people for feedback about the functionality, user-friendliness and appeal of its website. If you’d like help with your website and want to discuss JVA’s services, please contact Jessica at 720.407.8392 or


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1 Response to Study: Good website equals more donations

  1. Brooke says:

    This is an interesting finding. Does the study discuss what features or functionality were likely to be included in those websites that were satisfactory? Does the study discuss the use of Web 2.0 in conjunction with the organization website with regard to user satisfaction? Or is this strictly looking at the organization’s primary webpge as a stand alone? I am curious how the interactivity that Web 2.0 brings will change this in terms of what users will consider satisfaction.

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