Marion Barry allegedly funneled city funds to nonprofits before they existed

A recent CityPaper article says that Marion Barry, the former mayor of Washington D.C., who is most famous for his arrest and conviction for crack cocaine use and possession and is now a City Council member in Washington D.C., has come under suspicion for allegedly funneling money to several local nonprofits before they had even received official nonprofit status.

Not only was the money directed at organizations that were not yet legally formed, but it appears that Barry staffers may have forged the signatures of some of the project directors of the six groups that received funds. The documents were notarized by another associate of Barry. Each of the six nonprofits is reported to have received about $75,000.

D.C. City Council hearings about the matter were abruptly called into recess as soon as they began Monday. According to the Washington Examiner, Councilman David Cantania read an opening statement that accused Barry of fraud and strongly lobbied for an independent investigation into the matter before shutting the proceedings down.


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