Social enterprise headlines recent roundtable

At the recent Progress Group Responsible Economy Roundtable, held at Mi Casa Resource Center in Denver, social enterprise professionals and nonprofits using social enterprise to help their clients got together to discuss what the “Responsible Economy” is, strategies for how to implement Responsible Economy and how social enterprise is being implemented in Denver.

At the Defining the Responsible Economy session, panel participants looked at “ways to create real value in our communities and if there is an underlying moral thread that acts as an incentive for everyone to work together,” said JVA intern Jenny Spencer, who attended the roundtable. They also talked about the triple bottom line that defines social enterprise (social, environmental and financial). The second session, Business Strategies to Create Social and Community Prosperity, included roundtable participants such as Rob Smith, of Rocky Mountain MicroFinance Institute, and Ceyl Prinster of the Colorado Enterprise Fund, who talked about specific ways to create financial practices that instill community and social success, such as microfinance and community banking. At the final session, Social Enterprise: A Powerful Response, local organizations and nonprofits that use social enterprise to help their clients discussed their social enterprise ventures. Christine Marquez-Hudson, of Mi Casa Resource Center, Matt Nathan of Ashoka’s Youth Venture and Tamra Ryan, of the Women’s Bean Project, were among the participants.

According to Spencer, a recurring theme among participants was the need for a “social business incubator,” where nonprofits and others trying to implement social enterprises could get advice and assistance in learning and starting social enterprises.

To learn more about the Progress Group and upcoming roundtable events, click here.


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