New fundraising method provides revenue for nonprofits with little effort

Eighty-two percent of all people book their travel online, and in the last year, the travel sector made $800 billion in commissions. What if there was a way your nonprofit could tap into these profits—without worrying about the Web site upkeep and maintenance that online travel companies have to?

A new company, called Passive Fundraising Solutions, does just that.

By having Passive Fundraising set up a “Branded Travel” Web site for your nonprofit, you can direct family, friends and other donors to book their travel on your site, instead of going to more well-known sites such as Travelocity or Priceline. Donors that visit your site are guaranteed the lowest price, something especially important because, as founder Andrew Taylor points out, none of the big-name companies have “brand loyalty.”Instead of looking at four travel sites and spending three hours to book a two-night vacation, as the average person does, you can guarantee your donors that they will receive the best price the first time they use your site to book travel—and the average five percent booking fee that normally ends of in the hands of big-name travel companies is yours to keep.

Nonprofits can get this services for $750 for the first year. If just 20 people use your site to book travel in a year, your nonprofit will make $3,500 (based on the average $3,500 a year that the average American spends on vacation). If 100 people book their travel with you, that’s $17,500 in profit. Passive Fundraising Solutions also works with corporate donors, such as Citibank, whose donations are divided among nonprofits to help them set up Branded Travel Web sites if they cannot afford the fee.

To learn more, go to, or send an email to the company’s founder by clicking here.


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2 Responses to New fundraising method provides revenue for nonprofits with little effort

  1. Misa Jackson says:

    I am looking to get in contact with a Andrew Taylor that works with your company and you please get me contact information for an important business matter? Thanks

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