JVA Consulting and the Rose Community Foundation to host career event for boomers

JVA Consulting and the Rose Community Foundation have partnered in an effort to bring guidance to community members who are seeking employment or a career change.  The Boomers Career and Networking Fair, which will take place at the JVA Denver office on August 31, will give attendees a chance to learn about networking, volunteering, job hunting strategies and current job opportunities in the area. Industry experts will be on hand to review resumes and provide recommendations on how to make them more appealing to today’s employers.

This event is unique in that discussions will focus on the baby boomer segment of the workforce. Several organizations will be featured that can provide opportunities to connect with employers, organizations and other boomers in the community.

“Unlike a traditional job fair, which seems like a dismal speed dating exercise in this economy, the goal of the Boomers Career and Networking Fair is different,” said Janine Vanderburg, president of JVA.  “We want to bring people together to share information and resources, learn some new tools, and hopefully be inspired by this larger idea: That as they age, the baby boomer generation is not the silver tsunami but a silver mine that can be an incredible resource to employers and communities.”

Parking will be available at the JVA office and at the parking lot on the corner of Sheridan Boulevard and 25th Avenue. The event will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

To download a brochure about the Boomers Career and Networking Fair, click here.


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