Study: Volunteerism falling during recession

A new study released by the National Conference on Citizenship finds that Americans are reducing their volunteerism during the current recession. 72 percent of respondents say they have cut back on time engaged in civic participation. 66 percent of Americans say they feel other people are responding to the current economic downturn by looking out for themselves, with only 19 percent saying people around them are responding to the recession by helping each other more, according to a press release.

These findings are troubling for nonprofit organizations that depend on charitable donations. Is your organization experiencing this? If so, how are you responding to the trend?

You can read more about this story at NPR Marketplace.


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2 Responses to Study: Volunteerism falling during recession

  1. Fred Kaplan says:

    I have read conflicting reports on the effects of volunteerism and the recession. My experience is that there may be volunteers that are willing to help at a event. However there seems to be few that have the skills to help organize an event, and share their skills in leadership, planning etc. What also seems to be a challenge is to get some of the “Old thinking” volunteers to change their ways, and listn to new ideas, and methods. It seems to be the continual dual edge sword, finding skilled volunteers, and then getting the “old standby’s” to open their minds.

  2. jvaconsulting says:

    Others, what do you think? JVA’s research on boomer volunteers found that often highly skilled volunteers felt their skills weren’t put to use. Would love to hear more from boomer volunteers and from nonprofits placing or using volunteers on this topic.

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