Giving yourself the time, space and training to Write a Grant in a Day©

We have all had this experience, deciding THIS will be the day we tackle writing a new grant proposal, or finishing an old one. We’re entering the last quarter of this year, and know that we shouldn’t send funders the same proposal they received last year, so it’s time for updating.

We clear space on our desk, assemble our files, pour a huge mug of coffee.  And here’s what happens:

  • The phone rings, or a co-worker comes in to talk about what happened on MadMen last night.
  • A client comes in (you are with a small nonprofit) and program work takes precedence even though you know the program work won’t continue if the grant funding doesn’t come in. But you were hired to work programs and not to write grants, and you’ve never even taken a grantwriting class.
  • Or maybe you have started writing, then get stuck on addressing this question: What challenges and opportunities will your organization face in the next three to five years? (You, of course, want to type in all caps—FUNDING—but are pretty sure that is not the right answer). What is?

JVA Consulting created Write a Grant in a Day© to address all of these issues. In Write a Grant in a Day, you get:

  • Training in how to write a grant proposal in the Colorado Common Grant Application format by people who are expert grantwriters, have themselves written hundreds of grant proposals raising millions of dollars, and who were part of the drafting committee for the new common grant, so have an indepth understanding of what funders are looking for
  • The space and time to work on a solid draft of a grant proposal (we won’t let our coworkers come in and interrupt you!)
  • The ability to ask your questions and get expert advice not only from the trainers but also from your peers

This is why this workshop gets high marks and rave reviews. Asked what the most valuable part of the day was, prior participants have said:

  • The *hands-on* experience of being able to actually write your grant while learning about the new CGA; very helpful!
  • Actually spending time drafting the CCG. The ability to write an outline and have questions answered was very helpful.
  • I was given the position of Director of Development” for my organization the day before the training, so to just understand the whole process more is extremely helpful. I also feel comfortable speaking to grantors now.
  • The time to actually work on a grant proposal!

If you need time, space, training and/or questions answered, Write a Grant in a Day may be the right solution for you. For more information and to register for the trainings we will be holding across the state, click here.

For more information about JVA’s grantwriting trainings, click here.


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