YouTube rolls out new nonprofit program

Video has the potential to be a powerful communications tool for nonprofit organizations. The combination of visual elements, sound and movement can engage an audience in a way that is unique to the medium.

With the ever-increasing accessibility and user-friendliness of video technology, many nonprofits are turning to video to enhance their social media presence. YouTube is helping video evolve into an even more useful tool through its new nonprofit program.

As nonprofit organizations post their videos on YouTube, they can include clickable annotations that link directly to a different website. For example, if an organization developed a video in the style of a case statement, they can add a button that might read, “I want to donate now.” The button will appear in the video, and by clicking on it, the viewer will be redirected to the organization’s donation page.

This feature adds a new element to video’s already dynamic combination of sight, sound and movement—it gives the viewer the opportunity to take action.

To register your organization for the nonprofit program, click here.


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