Social media for nonprofits; don’t forget about Wikipedia

Using social media as a marketing tool for nonprofit organizations just makes sense. Social media is inexpensive—the only cost is the time that it takes to create and post content—and with the proper execution, it can be very effective. Facebook and Twitter users can broadcast messages to friends and followers with ease. YouTube’s new Nonprofit Program allows links to be posted in videos so that nonprofit organizations can direct viewers to their Web site from one of their videos.

According to a new blog by Bob Goldfarb of eJewish Philanthropy, Wikipedia is one of the most effective social media tools available today. The problem is that when thinking of social media outlets, Wikipedia probably doesn’t come to mind, so some nonprofit organizations might neglect using the free-content encyclopedia as part of their online presence.

According to Goldfarb’s blog, Wikipedia appears in Google’s first 20 results for 88 percent of the top 100 global brands. What this translates to is that Wikipedia can give your organization a Web presence that is very visible and easy to find.

Any person can contribute content to Wikipedia. Click here for information on how to get started. Be sure to read and fully understand Wikipedia’s policies before posting content.


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1 Response to Social media for nonprofits; don’t forget about Wikipedia

  1. How does a nonprofit get started in getting listed on Wikipedia? Las Animas Helping Hands helps people in Bent County, CO with emergency assistance with their basic life needs. In 2006, we were a Colorado Compassion Initiative/JVA grant receipent. We appreciate JVA’s continued capacity building with nonprofits throughout Colorado!
    Sharon Barber
    Executive Director

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