Survey: 52 percent of adults 18­–64 use social media

According to a new report released by Pew Research Center, social media use is up 45 percent for adults 18–64 since February 2005. Millennials: A Portrait of Generation Next looks at the values, attitudes and experiences of the Millennial generation while also shedding light on the Boomer generation.

Pew Research Center’s survey of more than 2,000 adults shows that 30 percent of boomers use social networking sites, up from only five percent in 2005. In total, the report found that 41 percent of adults use social networking sites.

The report also found that 62 percent of boomers visit social networks at least once every few days.

It’s easy to have preconceived notions about which age groups are using social media and which aren’t. The Millennials report is another piece of evidence that points to boomers embracing social media. Not convinced? A recent report from eMarket found that 47 percent of boomers maintained a social media profile in 2009, which is up 15 percent from 2008.

If you don’t think the boomer generation is jumping on the social media train, think again. They already on and they’re inviting friends.

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2 Responses to Survey: 52 percent of adults 18­–64 use social media

  1. Anita Yeoh says:

    that is a big percentage.. By the way I think the teen is a huge user for the time being.

    • jvaconsulting says:

      We’re coming across more and more surveys and studies that show how adults are embracing social media. It will be really interesting to watch this trend over the next few years.

      Collin Lessing
      JVA Consulting

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