LiveWell Colorado’s Worksite Blueprint and a Walk around the Lake

By Collin Lessing, JVA Marketing/Communications Coordinator

The Denver Business Journal recently ran a story on LiveWell Colorado’s Worksite Wellness Blueprint—a study of workplace wellness that involved surveying 166 companies in Colorado. According to the article, 70 percent of the companies surveyed conducted some kind of team or individual activity that promoted wellness. Of all the methods, the most effective motivator to change employees’ habits was money. Financial incentives were most successful in getting people involved in wellness programs.

With the cost of employer-provided healthcare on the rise, employee wellness is something that rests heavy on the minds of business owners. It’s on my mind too, even though I don’t own the business I work for. The reason I’m thinking about health and wellness is because I’m confronted by it everyday here at JVA Consulting. As I sit here in my comfortable chair, writing this Nonprofit Street blog post, I can look out my office window and enjoy a perfect view of Sloan Lake. Today is unusually rainy, but on most days I see countless people exercising around Sloan Lake. Runners, cyclists, joggers, skaters, dog walkers, tai chi practitioners—the lake’s welcoming charm attracts health enthusiasts of all kinds.

With spring here and summer soon to arrive, more and more people are visiting Sloan Lake for exercise each day. My question is, what about consultants and their clients? Instead of meeting in the office or strategizing over lunch, why not meet with a JVA consultant for a walk around the lake? You could ask one of our evaluators about the latest best practices in program evaluation or you could discuss ways to energize your board while taking a stroll with one of our planning consultants. Walk Around the Lake with JVA has been popular with our clients in past years and we want to know if it’s something you would be interested in this year. Give us your feedback here by leaving a comment.

To learn more about taking a Walk Around the Lake with JVA or to find out more about the services that we offer, contact Jessica Craig at 303.477.4896 or email her at


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2 Responses to LiveWell Colorado’s Worksite Blueprint and a Walk around the Lake

  1. Ashley Kasprzak says:

    Great blog! Besides making me want to go walk around Sloan Lake, you reminded me of an ages-old controversy about the lake being called Sloan or Sloan’s. No matter the name of lake, the point is well taken. We all need to be healthy and doing business while walking is a superb idea. I hope someone asks ME to go for a walk while talking shop! Ashley

  2. heidical says:

    LiveWell is doing great things in our communities–I wish their WorksiteWellnessBlueprint was ready to go instead of in ‘taskforce’ mode. I guess we all just need to get up and do something, one small thing, to begin to make a difference in our healthy workplaces. What will it be for you? I think I’ll get up off my exercise ball/chair and go for a quick stroll around the ‘office’.

    The Human Services Network of Colorado is encouraging non-profits to participate in Women’s Health Week May 9-15. You can pledge to participate here:

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