Grantwriters can learn from serving as grant reviewers

The Administration for Children and Families (ACF) is requesting applications from individuals across the country to serve as grant reviewers. Awarding billions of dollars in grants each year, ACF turns to the field expertise and community knowledge of individual grant reviewers at the local level to help determine which projects will be selected for funding.

Serving as a grant reviewer is a tremendous professional development opportunity for those in the nonprofit sector. Reviewing grants can help a grantwriter gain knowledge about the federal grant award process and grant application requirements, which can be taken back to the reviewer’s organization and applied when developing proposals. To find out more about becoming a grant reviewer, click here.

At JVA Consulting, our grantwriting team has a firsthand appreciation for the value of an opportunity like this. Members of our team were on the drafting committee for the new Common Grant Application (CGA). Serving on the committee has given our grantwriters inside knowledge about what funders are looking for and a better understanding of how to craft proposals that are aligned with those expectations.

On July 16, JVA will share some these tips at Write a Grant in Day—a full-day interactive workshop that will help you craft a boilerplate for the CGA under the tutelage of a top JVA grantwriter. Come to this workshop with your laptop and we’ll walk you through each section of the CGA and answer your questions while you complete it, section by section. For more information and to register for Write a Grant in a Day, click here.


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