Last days for Escuela Tlatelolco to meet a $40,000 challenge grant

by Jennifer Johnson, JVA Consulting

Escuela Tlatelolco is a true pillar of the community and is celebrating its 40th anniversary when the new school year starts next month. JVA is a long time friend and supporter of Escuela, and for me, Escuela is more than a client. My daughter has the privilege of attending Escuela and is among a diverse group of peers learning Spanish in a Montessori environment. She starts and ends each day by hugging her teachers and friends. She is being educated in a loving family environment. Even at the tender age of 4 she is learning about social justice and how indigenous cultures throughout history have been victims of prejudice. Escuela serves all families on a sliding scale basis and it is only able to do this by fundraising in the community.

Last month, Escuela was thrilled to receive a $40,000 challenge grant from an anonymous donor. They must meet the 1:1 match by Saturday. It is an all or nothing challenge and they can only meet this challenge with your help. Nita Gonzales began as a teacher at Escuela over 35 years ago and is now President and CEO. Here are some words from her:

Each time a Latino child is undervalued educationally, we are all demeaned.

Every time low-income children’s educational choices are denied, we are all short-changed. And every time a child drops out, or is pushed out, or is denied educational success, we are all denied democratic leadership.

These words inspire me each day as I contemplate that Escuela Tlatelolco Centro de Estudios has now been serving the community for 40 years! As we look forward to the next 40 years I know that the community continues to be the backbone of the great work happening on a daily basis by the dedicated staff of Escuela.

I am so excited to be writing you today because of the opportunity that Escuela has to receive $40,000 from an anonymous donor.

However, we can only receive this money if we are able to raise $40,000 from the community by July 31. We are coming to you, as a leader in the community, and asking you to help us take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Our children’s fate and ours are linked, and it is this connectivity that is one of the greatest rewards of our educational work in Colorado. Because any time children are encouraged, enlightened, educated, or empowered, each of us, everywhere, is enriched.

The vision of Escuela is about children being successful academically, participating fully in a democratic society, and building communities. It is about our children having the tools, skills and spirit to help establish our country’s culture, influence our country’s values and define our country’s justice. Truly, there is no other educational institute in Colorado that is creating leaders in social justice.

Help us continue to serve as a leader for the next 40 years by being part of Corky Gonzales’ legacy and this $40,000 challenge. To have this opportunity in this economy is rare to say the least. Be part of successfully meeting this challenge by making a donation by July 31. Call 303.964.8993 today!

Your name will be displayed on the Legacy wall at the school forever.

The Latino children and families of Colorado thank you!

Thanks for listening…

Jennifer Johnson (JVA Consultant and Proud Escuela Parent)


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