Former JVA intern wants to know if you participate in online fundraising

By Collin Lessing, JVA Consulting

How do you feel about online fundraising? Are you comfortable making donations through an organization’s Web site or Facebook Causes page? These are questions that former JVA intern Brooke Fritz has for you. Currently a graduate student at the University of Denver, Brooke has prepared a 15-question survey that will help evaluate the use of social media and its effectiveness in fundraising for nonprofit organizations. To take the survey, click here.

We first met Brooke in 2006 when she was an intern at JVA, working on the Colorado Compassion Initiative (CCI). CCI is a capacity building program for faith-based and community organizations that provide services to people 55 and older that is funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families. Through this capacity building initiative, Brooke engaged in organizational assessment and planning—giving her a unique opportunity to examine organizations at a comprehensive level.

“The biggest benefit of the internship at JVA was seeing the whole picture of how nonprofit management works,” said Brooke. “The internship ended up being up a great launching point to find my own path in the nonprofit sector.”

Brooke’s nonprofit path led her to the role of online and creative manager for the American Liver Association where she heads up online giving and marketing strategies, along with social media activities. According to Brooke, social media is an opportunity for nonprofits to connect with their constituents and most importantly, to listen.

“Listening is key,” explained Brooke. “People may visit your Web site from time to time, but some people will see your social media everyday. It’s about engaging them. The results of this survey will give us a better understanding of how nonprofits can engage constituents and stakeholders through social media.”

Surveys will be administered through September 12, so fill yours out soon.

JVA currently has two openings for evaluation interns. These positions will work closely with JVA’s research and evaluation team, with duties involving identifying best practices, data collection and collecting data for the external evaluation of a signature health science initiative. To learn more about these opportunities and to apply, click here.


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