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Last week of December is “Black Friday” for nonprofits—how to prepare

By Katy Snyder, JVA Consulting We’d like to give a shout-out to all of you who stayed open this week (we’re open at JVA, too). While many nonprofits take a break toward the end of the year, a recent Network … Continue reading

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Google grants money and a wealth of other services to nonprofits

By Katy Snyder, JVA Consulting While most of us think of Google as our go-to search engine, and many of us use Google Email (gmail) or Google Calendars on a regular basis, Google also has a lesser-known alter ego—Google for … Continue reading

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New Horizon’s success is reason to celebrate

by Ashley Kasprzak, JVA Consulting Not sure about your work projects, but a few of mine have been especially trying lately. Most projects are successful, a rare few don’t work as well as I’d hope and some I always wonder … Continue reading

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Colorado Gives Day total raised exceeds goal by $7 million

By Collin Lessing, JVA Consulting Community First Foundation and FirstBank and set their sites high when they decided to raise $1 million in one day for Colorado nonprofits. In Tuesday’s Nonprofit Street post by Janine Vanderburg, she reminded us that … Continue reading

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Thinking of Colorado Gives Day as the beginning, not the end game

By Janine Vanderburg, JVA Consulting On Wednesday, December 8 at 12 a.m. the long-awaited Colorado Gives Day will begin. The goal: Raise $ 1 million in one day for Colorado nonprofits. Spearheaded by the Community First Foundation and FirstBank, the … Continue reading

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