Great advice for starting a new job

Janine Vanderburg, JVA Consulting

This week, someone near to me started a new job. Wanting to be helpful, but not having started a new job in over 30 years, I went to my favorite avenue for crowdsourcing advice: Facebook. What resulted was so terrific, thought I would share so that all of you on Nonprofit Street —whether starting your first job after college, returning from work after raising a family or launching your encore career—could learn from these stellar shared experiences from nonprofit leaders, business owners, foundation program officers, and young nonprofit rock stars (including three former JVA Consulting interns!)

The question posed was: Best advice you would give someone starting a new job?

And in their own words, here are the responses.

Ask questions. Jennifer Draper Carson.

Be yourself! And don’t lie…  Gaelen Claire Lombard-Knapp.

Be on time, take initiative, think strategically.  Dede de Percin

Self-care, there is a learning curve even for the best and brightest.  Abby Landmeier.

But do not assume you are the best and the brightest!  Dede de Percin. (Abby agrees).

My dad always told me, “Let them love you before they know you.” Lol 🙂  Aurita Apodaca

Do every menial task with a smile and with precision. It’s appreciated, and shows that you are a team player!  Rachel Stumpf Taber.

Always do more than is expected.  Gosia Kung

Have an open mind.  Brooke Fritz.

Listen with more than your ears.  Kathy White.

Keep your eyes on the prize.  Mindy Klowden.

See it as the next opportunity in your life to learn more lessons.  Joan Therese Sievert.

Arrive early & informed. Listen – Observe – Absorb – Share your expertise.  Linda White Tartaglia.

Even if you don’t need them, pretend to take notes so people will not draw the conclusion that you don’t listen. Wear conservative shoes/ties for at least a week. If you are under 35, pretend that you do not want to run the place after only a couple of weeks on the job. Put photographs of yourself with friends, family, and interesting people on your desk.  Phillip Gonring.

Si va a hacer maestro/a, cómprale flores a las secretarias.  David Portillo.

What is your best advice for someone starting a new job?

If you are looking to develop some new skills in your new position, especially in a nonprofit job, do check out JVA’s nonprofit trainings.


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1 Response to Great advice for starting a new job

  1. blob says:

    wow brill advice, my mom is starting a new job, very nervous – good advice. I say approach with a smile 🙂 always works!

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