JVA Consulting’s 2011 Guest Blogger Contest

Welcome to JVA Consulting’s 2011 Guest Blogger Contest. We created this to contest to hear your voice. At Nonprofit Street, we strive to share stories that will inspire, educate and motivate readers in the nonprofit sector. Now it’s your turn.

All blog entries will be posted on Nonprofit Street and readers will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite entry. The blogger who receives the most votes will win a one-year JVA Training Subscription ($399 value), they’ll have their name announced in JVA’s 411 e-newsletter that goes out to nearly 4,000 subscribers each week, and they’ll have an open invitation to post three more blogs to Nonprofit Street in 2011.

All blogs submitted for the contest will remain on Nonprofit Street after the contest has completed so that readers can continue to enjoy your story.

Your Story
We want to hear your story that will inspire, educate and motivate readers from the sector. Give us your first person account of how you or your organization dealt with a challenge or did something inspiring in social change. We also want to know about you—the blogger. How did you get started doing your work? What kind of results have you have seen? Do you have advice to offer to those interested in your area of social change? How do you keep momentum when challenges arise? Remember, it’s about INSPIRING, EDUCATING and MOTIVATING.

All blog entries are limited to one page in length with 12 point font and inch margins. Please include any links, pictures and tags that you would like included.

Directions to Enter
Send your blog entry in a Word file to collin@jvaconsulting.com.

Deadline to Enter
JVA will accept entries until March 4, 2011. Voting will begin on March 8, 2011 and continue through March 22, 2011.

Voting will take place online and people can vote one time.

Announcing the Winner
The winner of the contest will be announced in the March 23, 2011 issue of the JVA 411 e-newsletter. Click here to subscribe (it’s free).


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JVA welcomes your comments and feedback on all Nonprofit Street articles. While JVA will post all relevant comments, it will not post comments that are advertising products or services or those with obscenities. Leave a Reply

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