JVA Consulting selected as grantwriter for City and County of Denver public agencies

by Collin Lessing, JVA Consulting

JVA Consulting was recently selected by the City and County of Denver through an open bidding process to provide customized training, technical assistance and grantwriting services for public agencies of the City and County of Denver. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, JVA has more than 24 years of experience writing grants for government agencies, nonprofit organizations and foundations. Since its inception, JVA has helped its grantwriting clients raise more than $500 million, exceeding $80 million in the past three years alone.

JVA has started conducting structured assessments with City agencies that will help determine each agency’s grantwriting capacity and identify unique organizational priorities and potential partnerships. The outcomes of the assessments will also ensure that each agency has a customized approach for pursuing grant funds and inform the tailoring and delivery of training that will build their internal capacity to write competitive grants. Training workshops will take place on a quarterly basis, teaching agencies how to seek out grant opportunities and how to effectively respond to requests for proposals (RFPs). JVA will also provide ongoing personalized technical assistance through the course of the contract.

“As a grantwriting firm local to Denver, we are extremely excited to work alongside the City and County of Denver’s agencies,” said Julia Alvarez, JVA Senior Managing Associate and Project Manager for the grantwriting contract. “Helping these organizations bring in resources and assisting in building their capacity to be more sustainable is important to all of us at JVA. These agencies support and build our community—and now we have the opportunity support to them.”

JVA has partnered with eight local grantwriting firms, who bring a unique blend of local perspective and diverse subject matter expertise to this endeavor, ensuring that the right team can bring the right expertise to any grantseeking effort.



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