Grimm Brothers Brewhouse: Award-winning beer and community service

By Ashley Kasprzak, JVA Consulting

Colorado-based company Grimm Brothers Brewhouse won a gold medal for its Little Red Cap German-Style Altbier  at the recent Great American Beer Festival in Denver. On top of its great beer, Grimm Brothers demonstrates how a company can grow quickly and support community at the same time. The brewer has given back to the northern Colorado community from day one. Although the company began just over one year ago, it has already assisted more than 60 charitable causes.

Sales manager Russell Fruits said that Grimm Brothers’ marketing plan was unique from the start. The founders didn’t have a big budget for marketing, and they knew they wanted to be philanthropic. Russell said, “I spent eight years in nonprofit management with the Boy Scouts. I know almost every charity [in Loveland] and I know the directors. I know how difficult it is to get donations and do fun events that people enjoy. We thought we could help them.”

With donations of beer, gift baskets and special event staffing, Grimm Brothers has supported breast cancer, historic preservation, food banks, Lyme disease research/treatment, basic needs for families, and a young girl who needed a kidney transplant. Russell likes the strategy of pairing with nonprofits for community events and expects they will keep doing it for years to come. He said, “People tell us that they see us everywhere. Every time someone turns around, they see us and see our beer.”

One recent event that Grimm Brothers helped with was Pistons and Prostates. Says Russell, “We served beer out at the BMW dealership. The hospital brought its Da Vinci robot for demonstration, and we had a huge turnout. Men don’t usually like to talk about prostate cancer, but there was a huge crowd to look at awesome BMWs and the robot. It was great.”

Grimm Brothers is also currently supporting one of JVA’s clients, Alternatives to Violence. Russell said that Grimm Brothers partners with a different restaurant each week to support the Alternatives to Violence capital campaign to build a safe house in south Larimer County. A portion of beer sales goes to Alternatives to Violence. Click here to find a schedule of upcoming restaurant events.

Several times during my conversation with Russell, he described the growth of Grimm Brothers as “absolutely amazing.” I wholeheartedly agree that the growth is amazing, and so is the community investment. I lift my beer mug to Grimm Brothers and encourage other small companies to replicate the company’s marketing approach.

Check back soon for more in our series of beer and philanthropy blogs, and click here and here to read some of our past beer blogs.


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1 Response to Grimm Brothers Brewhouse: Award-winning beer and community service

  1. As a member of the 2012 Leadership Loveland class (a program of the Loveland Chamber of Commerce) who is working with Grimm Brothers as part of our class project to raise awareness and funds for Alternatives to Violence’s Southern Larimer County Safehouse, I’m especially glad to see Grimm Brothers getting recognition and kudos within their industry and their community.

    Thanks for spreading the word,
    Maryjo Morgan
    Class of 2012 – Leadership Loveland – partner

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