Equinox Brewing flexes its environmental muscle with its “keg trike”

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

In celebration of the end of the week, we bring you a story of another local brewery doing great things for the community.

Equinox Brewing in Fort Collins, Colorado is proud to be a small business built on a deep-seeded love of beer. The Tap House offers fellow beer lovers a cozy place to kick back with friends over a choice of 11 beers on tap or two beers offered from a British-inspired beer engine. For a beer list, click here. Board games and books are available for those prepared to hunker down for an extended stay, and the Beer Garden is an open venue for performances when the weather permits. To check out some of the past performances click on the Beer Gardens tab on the website for photos or search on YouTube, where some performances have been posted.

Not only are the owners passionate about beer and music, they are passionate about the environment. The decision to remain at one central location in Fort Collins and maintain a very small distribution route allows Equinox to function without a delivery truck. Stories of owner Colin Westcott walking or riding the brewery’s tricycle, which is specially designed to deliver kegs, have popped up in numerous local media outlets and blogs. Thanks to Equinox, you can sit back with a brew-guilt free knowing that you are doing your part to support local business and cut back on your carbon footprint.


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