4 Responses to The Moment for Social Enterprise

  1. Osei May says:

    SEA is a great organization and the session titles were very intriguing. Will there be a blog post, reviewing the conference?

  2. jvaconsulting says:

    Osei, look for several blogs over the next few weeks about the conference and what we learned there. For fans of social enterprise like us, being at the conference was like drinking from a fire hose!

  3. Osei May says:

    Excellent metaphor, Sarah. I have huge interests in social enterprise and I understand what you mean regarding ‘drinking from the fire hose.’ I briefly had a private audience with Bill Drayton and it was fantastic! Great news about the coming blog posts. I’ve been tracking/monitoring SEA’s influence for a while and do look forward to tidbits, findings, and takeaways from the conference. I wish I could have been there in person. Thanks for sharing your conference notes and experience.

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