Cru Vin Dogs “Pours it Forward”

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

Cru Vin Dogs' newest wine, The Loyal Companion, featuring shelter dog Chica.

So as soon as JVA starts an informal tradition of writing blogs about local breweries doing great work in their communities, someone has to go and break this tradition. Don’t you hate when that happens? Those of you who sought out another beer blog this week will be shocked to find both a beer AND a wine blog on Nonprofit Street. Our new blog star, Sarah Hidey, wrote an incredible piece about Guinness, featured here, while I chose to write about Cru Vin Dogs Wine Group.

Those of you who know me know of my profound love for animals. For those of you who don’t know me, I will give you some insight into how much I love dogs: My Terrier mix came into my life one fateful day at the Adams County Animal Shelter where he was said to be a stray—he now eats all natural dog food that costs me more than I spend on groceries for myself.

That being said, if there is a way that I could come home at the end of the day, put on my sweats, sit down with my beloved pooch and a great bottle of wine AND help shelter dogs, I’m in! Cru Vin Dogs Wine Group allows me to do just that with its collection of wines and its dedication to man’s best friend. The company boasts an impressive track record of giving back, with “a minimum of ten percent of all sales donated to charitable organizations that involve dogs,” according to its Facebook page.

Each wine label is an original work of art, a reflection of a dog someone at Cru Vin Dogs has owned or come across, each with its own unique story. The Loyal Companion, the newest wine series from the company, features a real shelter dog named Chica. Cru Vin Dogs hopes that retailers and restaurants will match the donation made by the company, so when you purchase Cru Vin Dogs, make sure you express to the vendor how important you think donating to local shelters is.

Supporting shelters is very important to Cru Vin Wines. It recently donated wine to a fundraiser for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. Cru Vin Dogs even allows online customers to dictate which of Cru Vin Dog’s many worthy charities he or she would like their donation to go to. To see if your favorite charity is on the list, click here to see a list broken down by state.

With wines so reasonably priced (I picked up a bottle for around $12 at my local Total Beverage and a cause hopefully as near and dear to your heart as mine, what’s the risk in picking up a bottle? As the holidays approach it’s always stylish to bring a bottle of wine to your holiday party host or hostess. Wine also makes a good birthday gift or Christmas stocking stuffer—I know some of you are already thinking about the holidays, even this early.

Then, there may be some of you who read this and like me, are moved to buy a bottle right away for yourself. Even now as I write this, my very own bottle of The Loyal Companion is sitting at home, waiting for me along with my own loyal companion, Mugsy.

Note: According to the Boulder Valley Humane Society, October is Adoption Month. For those of you who read this blog and are reminded of your love of dogs and perhaps have some extra room in you home and your heart, please consider adoption. The City of Aurora posted on Facebook page today that its animal shelter is overcrowded with dogs and consequently, the shelter is offering 50 percent off the cost of adoption. Now I understand that some of you, like me, may not be able to adopt right now, but the Humane Society offers an option on its Facebook page

Mugsy, Amber Alarid's adopted Terrier.

to make a donation to the shelter for the care of a specific dog housed there, instead of actually adopting. October presents a plethora of opportunities to make a difference in the life of a shelter dog—be that adoption, a monetary donation or the purchase of a bottle of Cru Vin Dogs.


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3 Responses to Cru Vin Dogs “Pours it Forward”

  1. And Sarah’s little brother Garon just started volunteering at the Humane Soceity in Harford County MD this week!

  2. Amber Alarid says:

    That is awesome. I always love to hear about people’s efforts to support the cause. Thank you for volunteering Garon!

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