Cru Vin Dogs (Part 2): Colorado Wine for a Cause

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

For those of you who have already read the Cru Vin Dogs blog, posted last week, this sequel offers a fantastic discussion with Cru Vin Dogs President and Co-Founder Mary Snellgrove. For those of you reading the blog for the first time, enjoy, and if you like it, “pour it forward.”

Cru Vin Dogs Wine Group is the product of Co-Founders Bill Foss, Mary Snellgrove and Jay Snellgrove, all dogs lovers with a passion for fine wine. This passion and expertise led them to open a wine group that combined their passions by giving back to man’s best friend.

The company boasts an impressive track record of giving back, with “a minimum of ten percent of all sales donated to charitable organizations that involve dogs,” according to its Facebook page. For each bottle of wine purchased from a vendor or glass poured in a restaurant, .50 cents is donated to charity and for every online purchase, $1.00 is donated to charity. Cru Vin Dogs hopes that retailers and restaurants will match the donation made by the company, so when you purchase Cru Vin Dogs, make sure you express to the vendor how important you think donating to local shelters is.

With a donation made for each glass or bottle sold, the company encourages customers to “pour it forward” and share the wine with others in an effort to increase donations and raise awareness about the wines and the cause. Mary suggests pouring it forward by sending a glass to someone in a restaurant and letting him or her know that that wine has just contributed to charities for dogs. Perhaps some of you who will be dining out this weekend will do this. If you do, I would love to hear about it and I know Cru Vin Dogs would as well, so please share the news on this blog or on Facebook. You could start a fun chain of events for those who see you pouring it forward (see the Cru Vin Dogs website for a list of restaurants serving the wine).

For those of you planning ahead to next weekend, First Friday (November 4, 2011) offers a chance to stop by the Cru Vin Dogs Gallery in Denver for wine sampling, great art and a chance to meet local dog Sadie, finalist for this year’s Hero Dog Award. The Gallery displays some of the wine label’s original art, portraits of inspirational and even family dogs.

Mary even admits that some of the dogs featured on the wine labels came to warm themselves into the hearts of the Snellgrove family as pets. After beloved family dog Daphne (seen on Mary’s bio) passed away, Mary was not ready for another dog right away. However, a routine trip for husband Jay Snellgrove, artist and co-founder at Cru Vin Dogs, to sketch Blue Heeler puppies for a wine label brought Binder into the family’s life. Named after Cru Vin Dogs’ Australian winemaker Rolf Binder, Binder is the face of the “Blue Heeler” Australian wine. This is one of the wines Mary recommends for new customers.

So whatever you do this weekend, work some wine into your plans and give back. Perhaps this weekend’s Halloween festivities are a good time to pour it forward…

To read the previous Cru Vin Dogs blog, click here.


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