4 Responses to Surly Brewing shows that it cares through charity work

  1. Great blog, Katy. Another place to donate bikes is: The Bike Depot, http://thebikedepot.org/. It is a nonprofit community bike shop that offers a wide range of bicycling programs, services and products. Our mission is to increase use of and access to bicycles, promote safe and bicycle-friendly environments, and advocate for policies that promote bicycle access and use. Ashley

  2. jvaconsulting says:

    Thanks Ashley, I just added a little bit more info about them and their great programs to the article!

  3. Tom Shovan says:

    Great topic! Support your local brewery = support your local community and neighborhood. I hope to see more breweries doing the same thing and “tapping” the passion of their supporters to make a difference in their communities through charitable work.

  4. Amber Alarid says:

    I love this idea Katy, Surly seems like such a great organization! Thanks for sharing local opportunities to participate in something similar Katy and Ashley. I hope to see more of this as well.

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