Ask Amber: Holiday gift giving

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

Are you among the holiday shoppers making a list and checking it twice? Mom, Dad, your best friend, your favorite aunt…your boss? Ah yes, the dilemma of what to get your boss to show your appreciation. If you are struggling to think up the perfect gift for your boss, read on for some suggestions. Homemade gifts: Do you have a killer fudge recipe you have been dying to try? Do you brew your own beer? Consider whipping up some homemade holiday treats for your boss. As clichéd as it sounds, when it comes to gifts it’s the thought that counts, and nothing says thoughtful like something you made yourself. However, a note of caution about alcohol (whether you have made it or bought it): review company policy and consider the organizational environment you are in to ensure that alcohol is an appropriate gift, suggests an article on

Electronics and accessories: These are great gifts for the boss who is always on the go or on the cutting edge of technology. If your boss is attached to his or her iPad, consider a classic case. Perhaps your boss is always listening to music in the office? He or she may appreciate new speakers or headphones for their computer. For the socially conscious and always chic boss, consider a laptop bag like the cute ones featured on our Social Enterprise page from the Global Bag Project.

Coffee, cocoa and all drinks warm: Is your boss the first in line at the coffee pot on Monday mornings? Or is he or she prepared, breezing in with a hot cup of tea? With the weather getting cooler, coffee- or tea-related gifts are ideal for bosses who enjoy a particular beverage each day. A nice thermos, gift card to the local coffee shop or seasonal tea are simple gifts that you know will be used.

Whatever gift you choose for your boss, remember that gifts should be fun and thoughtful. Don’t let the stress of finding the perfect gift get to you. As long as the gift is office appropriate and characteristic of your boss, it will likely be appreciated and well received. However, if you want your gifts to say more, consider buying local and/or from organizations that sell social enterprise gifts. For ideas on how to shop with a purpose, visit our Social Enterprise page, a recent Nonprofit Street blog on shopping local or any of our Nonprofit Street blogs about local wines or beers that give back.

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