JVA’s 2011 nonprofit catchphrases

By Katy Snyder, JVA Consulting

At JVA, we recently came across a list of the top 2011 nonprofit buzzwords as determined by Lucy Bernholz in a 2173 blog. We thought they were great (particularly the fact that Bernholz named the hashtag as the top buzzword of the year!), but we wanted to add a few of our own (okay, and we are calling them “catchphrases” because we had a hard time confining ourselves to just one word!) and discuss why the issues they describe are creating a buzz.

Integrated messaging—This is one that we hear (and use) all the time. It may not be a very catchy phrase, but it is simply good business sense. Integrated messaging means that all of your messaging channels (be they Facebook, Google +, Twitter, blog, your website, direct mail, etc.) are linked and project a unified message. For example, your Twitter feed should direct readers to your latest blog, and your website should link to your Twitter and Facebook pages. Furthermore, the image you project on these mediums should be consistent. If you have multiple staff members or volunteers who post to your social media, they need to be on the same page as far as your marketing messages. What is the overall message that you want to project, and how should this be communicated? Drawing up a social media communications plan with your marketing team is a great first step.

Streamlined social media marketing—This is really a spin-off of our first catchphrase. And if your messaging is integrated, you are well on your way to streamlined social media marketing. This catch phrase speaks to making sure your tweets and Facebook updates are short and sweet, and most importantly, serve a purpose that ties back to your overall marketing messaging strategy.

Circles. At JVA, we often ask our coworkers and clients to share messages or info with their “circles.” In fact, we use the term so frequently, it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have this term to describe the different groups of people in our lives—coworkers, clients, friends, family, school buddies, etc. Further solidifying the term “circles” is the advent of Google Circles, one of the many features of Google+. While we have yet to see many in the sector using Google+ in everyday life, this is one to watch for 2012—we’re betting this new and comprehensive social networking tool takes off in the next year.

Breakfast clubs. Okay, we admit it, this one hasn’t necessarily become a buzzword outside of JVA yet, but we think our new line of breakfast networking clubs, is a growing area. We started our breakfast clubs, which target specific sector-related professions such as executive directors and development directors, because we were hearing from our clients that they wanted concentrated time to network with peers in their areas of expertise. Think of it as “micronetworking.” In the last few months, we have seen such a need that we have added a nonprofit job networking club for those who are seeking work in the nonprofit sector or those who are new to the Denver area.

Think we left out any buzzwords or catchprases? Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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