EDA—JVA’s crown jewel

By Ashley Kasprzak, JVA Consulting

I am about to start my 12th year at JVA Consulting, and I have been a trainer for 10 of those years. During my tenure, JVA’s trainings have expanded and increased in both breadth and depth. We now offer over 60 training topics, all led by JVA experts in the nonprofit sector.

The crown jewel of JVA’s training program is the Executive Director Academy (EDA). From Feb.13–17, JVA will present its 10th EDA. More than 200 people have attended EDA in Colorado and Indiana. JVA has attracted participants from Nevada, California and Oregon to the Colorado training. Attendees tell us that the travel and lodging is worth it because of the reasonable registration fee ($895), the high quality materials and the incredible peer network they form with other participants.

An anecdote shared with me by Executive Director of the Civic Center Conservancy and EDA graduate, Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, demonstrates the ongoing value of EDA. Lindy called me after her office moved last year. During the move, her EDA binder had been misplaced and she was anxious to replace her materials as soon as possible. Her organization was going to have its first audit and she really wanted the EDA binder so she could review JVA’s resources about audit preparation.

As Lindy’s experience shows, not only is the in-person training valuable, but the resources that EDA participants receive are valuable for years to come. Click here to reserve your space in our next EDA.


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