Women’s Bean Project launches new jewelry line

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

The Women's Bean Project was chosen as this year's official charity of the NCAA Women's Final Four tournament. JVA's Sarah Hidey is seen here with Women's Bean Project Marketing Manager, Sammy Emerson.

While widely known for its delectable gourmet foods such as soups and baking mixes, Women’s Bean Project has also run a successful jewelry line since 2009. Set up as a social enterprise, the jewelry is made by women who are part of the project’s job readiness and life skills training program, which provides the women with job skills and brings in revenue to support the organization. Each year the organization releases two seasonal jewelry lines, one in the spring and one in the fall, complete with earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Each piece is a limited edition item with a fun and creative name like “Twilight,” “Cherish” or “Good Karma.”

While volunteering with the Women's Bean Project at the NCAA Women's Final Four, JVA's Sarah Hidey scooped up one of the new necklaces from the Women's Bean Project's Inspiration Line.

This year, in addition to the spring and fall lines, Women’s Bean Project has launched its “Inspiration Line,” featuring necklaces that boast the words “Confidence,” “Greatness” and “Inspire,” among others. The Inspiration Line was on display and available for purchase at the recent NCAA Women’s Final Four tournament, where Women’s Bean Project was the official charity partner of the event. Booths throughout the NCAA event were staffed by over 100 volunteers, including JVA’s Sarah Hidey. Volunteers showcased Women’s Bean Project products and shared information about the organization with visitors. Hidey even got her hands on one of the new Inspiration necklaces (seen on the left).

Just in time for Mother’s Day, the Inspiration Line was designed to be a more versatile collection that can be worn casually every day. If you couldn’t make it to the NCAA Final Four event to get your own piece of jewelry from the Inspiration Line, both the Inspiration and the Spring lines will be made available online, so check the Women’s Bean Project website and look for Women’s Bean Project products at these retailers.


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1 Response to Women’s Bean Project launches new jewelry line

  1. I love the Women’s Bean Project! Such a great social enterprise to support. I wear my new Inspiration necklace all the time (and don’t tell my mom but I got her one for Mother’s Day!)

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