Ask Amber: Do young adults care about the environment?

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

Recent studies of high school seniors and college freshman have found that Millennials are less concerned about the environment than previous generations. While on a broad level these statistics may be accurate, at the personal and local levels, these statistics do not ring true. After doing some research, I found a number of examples of young people taking part in the green movement, and, in celebration of Earth Week, I would like to share those stories. I believe there are many more Millennials out there who care about the environment and I invite you to share your stories and eco-friendly tips in the comments section of this blog.

Colleges across Colorado, including Regis University (which celebrated last week), Colorado State University and Colorado College to name a few, are participating in week-long Earth Day celebrations. These events bring awareness to environmental causes, offer advice on how to live green and attract respected speakers from the environmental science field. In addition to tackling serious issues at these events, students are also having fun finding solutions with group bike trips, community clean-up activities and green film screenings. If you are a student, these activities are a convenient opportunity for you to show that you are passionate about the environment. If you are not in school, research whether or not your alma mater is hosting events that are open to the public; not only are these events supporting a great cause, they are also a chance for you to network with like-minded individuals who want to make the world a better place.

Even better, environmentally conscious young people are carrying their commitment to greener lifestyles with them into the workforce. The Wall Street Journal reported that the job site “geared toward students and entry-level hires,” found that 92% of young professionals surveyed were drawn to more to eco-friendly companies, and consequently, MonsterTRAK launched a new site, GreenCareers, to focus solely on job listings with organizations that support green practices. The increase in demand for green jobs by young professionals is driving more employers to adopt environmentally responsible goals in order to remain competitive with young job seekers.

This week is also National Volunteer Week, and young people throughout the United States are taking part in group volunteer activities. I encourage young professionals this week to consider how Earth Week and National Volunteer Week can be combined to show that Millennials really do care about the environment and helping others. Participate in a community clean up with friends, orchestrate a young professionals tree-planting event or come up with other creative volunteer/environmental activities. If you are participating in Earth Week service events, tell us about it by commenting on this blog or our Facebook page—we think Millennials have a lot to give.

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