Bike to work and help save the environment: Ask Amber

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

This month, environmentally conscious young professionals can help the planet and save some dough by participating in Bike to Work Day on June 27. Not only will participants reduce their carbon footprint and cut fuel costs, you can even register to win prizes through the Regional Council of Governments’ Bike 2 Work program. With so many fun ways to acknowledge the day, why not participate?

Ride to work individually

Whether you decide to register through a program that offers breakfast and bike check stations, or you just want to take a leisurely trip into work on your own, riding your bike to work has therapeutic benefits—beginning the day with exercise can make you more alert and productive, among some 60 other benefits. If this is your first experience with biking to work, here are some great tips from identify and test a route with minimal traffic on a day you don’t have work, bring a change of clothes into the office the day before you bike in, and wear comfortable clothing for your ride.

Ride with coworkers

If you live near coworkers who also want to participate in Bike to Work day, decide on a meeting place that is equal distance (or as close as possible) for everyone. To make the morning even more fun and offer more of a team-building experience, meet early enough to stop for coffee or breakfast as a group. If your coworkers are scattered across Colorado, organize your own celebration at the office. Have coworkers each contribute an item (muffins, juice, fruit, bagels, etc.) and have breakfast at the office as a group. If your office enjoys a little friendly competition, you can register for the Business Challenge as a group.

CARPOOL (Yes, that’s allowed)

While you won’t win any prizes, carpooling is still a great option to cut back on fuel usage and cost and will reduce your carbon footprint. If your commute is much too long to bike, consider carpooling to work. If you are really excited about participating but can’t ride the whole way, plan a route that utilizes both your car and your bike (bonus points if you throw carpooling in). Find a park-n-ride that is a comfortable distance from your job and switch from driving to biking at that location.

The whole point of Bike to Work Day is to have fun and be green—you can make an impact no matter what method you choose. Start planning your route now and share your great finds and tips with other bikers in the comments section below.


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