Summer reading list for young professionals: Ask Amber

By Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting

As you kick back and bask in the summer sun, the ideal summer reading spot can be found at the park, by the pool, or on the plane to and from summer vacation or a work trip. While there are a number of popular novels on the shelves, professional development books can also make enjoyable and worthwhile reads. I have an ever-growing list of professional development books I’m dying to read; so this week I share with you some of the books I can’t wait to read by the pool this summer.

 Passion Capital by Paul Alofs

When I came across Passion Capital, I was thrilled to find a book that celebrates the very thing nonprofit professionals have in common: passion, also defined as “boundless enthusiasm.” It is this enthusiasm for the common good, more than money or status, which brings nonprofit professionals to work each morning. If you value your unwavering devotion to a cause and/or organization as your best asset and want to strengthen this skill, this is a good book for you.

The M-Factor: How the Millennial Generation Is Rocking the Workplace by Lynne L. Lancaster and David Stillman

Emerging studies, surveys and books, like The M-Factor, suggest that millenials have different needs and motivations in the workplace than previous generations. This book points out some of the key differences between generations and explains how to increase productivity in the office to millenials and other generations by “bridging the generational gaps.” By understanding your own strengths and weaknesses as a new professional and how they coincide with the needs of your current workplace, you can excel in your career.

Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time by Keith Ferrazzi and Tahl Raz

Do you feel uncomfortable networking? Whether you’re nervous about rejection or just feel like you aren’t getting the results you want from your encounters, Never Eat Alone is a guide to networking for all professionals (millenials or not). Networking has always been important, but for a young professional who is new to the sector in a tough economy, it’s important for you to be the networking expert. Need more reasons to pick this book up? A blog about the top 10 books for young professionals says of Never Eat Alone, “seriously, buy this one!”

Professional development comes in many forms; this summer, make it fun (and portable) by picking up one of these books, or any other related to your career. If you have or are reading a book that’s essential for other nonprofit professionals, please share it in the comments section below. Happy summer!


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One Response to Summer reading list for young professionals: Ask Amber

  1. I must read Passion Capital!! I haven’t heard of this before – but it’s now on my list. Thanks for passing this great recommendation along!

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