2 Responses to Making sense of the Aurora Victim Relief Fund story

  1. L says:

    It is unbelievable that they have taken this long to disburse funds to these victims who are in dire need. I find it hard to understand that Community First should have been involved in this process at all. It seems that they simply decided to raise all this money, then give it to other nonprofits that should have had the money in the first place, then they give it to victims. This three-level bureaucracy has led to the scandal that is rapidly grabbing the nation’s attention. If Community First could not directly help the victims, I don’t understand why they were allowed to raise funds at all. These “established nonprofits” that “provide the benefits of necessary expertise, case management and added accountability” should have been the ones getting all the funding in the first place- not Community First!

  2. jvaconsulting says:

    Thank you for sharing your perspective, L. Asking why an intermediary should be involved in the process is an important question to consider. As a donor in the community, I personally appreciate the vetting process that organizations go through to be part of GivingFirst campaigns. It makes me more confident to donate—especially during a time of disaster or tragedy when it can be common for illegitimate charities to appear. Continuing to think about GivingFirst’s place in this fundraising process, I think there’s also something to be said for their history of raising large amounts of funding for multiple organizations in the context of a single campaign.


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