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Asking your networks for money for your favorite cause: Ask Amber

by Amber Alarid, JVA Consulting An article from the Chronicle of Philanthropy, mentioned in last week’s Ask Amber, demonstrates the importance of engaging donors under 35. While young professionals tend to give less because of financial constraints, they are great … Continue reading

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The importance of being earnest—how Water for People is paving the way for honest donor conversations

By Katy Snyder, JVA Consulting What would you say if someone told you the best way to get and keep donors is to tell them what is not working about your programs? That’s precisely what a recent Chronicle of Philanthropy … Continue reading

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Recession hits nation’s biggest charities: Bigger is not always better

By Jennifer Johnson, JVA Consulting Over the weekend the Chronicle of Philanthropy released a report showing that the nation’s largest, and therefore considered the most successful nonprofit organizations saw an 11% drop in donations in 2009; several groups in the … Continue reading

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Australia, New Zealand are most “giving” countries, study finds

By Katy Snyder, JVA Consulting In a recently released study that used several factors to determine how giving residents from countries across the world are, the U.S. ranked fifth (tied with Switzerland) after Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Ireland (which … Continue reading

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New Jersey’s move to limit executive director salaries revives nonprofit salary debate

By Katy Snyder How much is an executive director’s time worth? That’s the question wrought by a law recently passed in New Jersey that caps the amount that nonprofit executive directors whose nonprofits provide social services under state contracts can … Continue reading

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State of New York chops in half amount wealthy donors can write off—implications for other states unknown

Katy Snyder, JVA Consulting In what some charities have called an ill-advised move, New York legislators have passed a law that halves the amount of money that wealthy donors can write off on their tax returns, says a recent Chronicle … Continue reading

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Charities struggle with winning young donors

by Katy Snyder, JVA Consulting Grantwriter/Editor As a sometimes member of Generation Y (sometimes because my 1980 birth date puts me somewhere between Generation X and Generation Y, and because I’m reluctant to identify with the negative stereotypes often assigned … Continue reading

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Small boards and Bernie: Madoff scandal an example of why bigger is better

A recent report from the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy found that foundations that lost all of their assets to Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme shared one trait in particular — small, homogenous boards of directors — according to a Chronicle … Continue reading

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Obama’s call to Americans to serve leads to two new websites

In concert with the unveiling of President Barack Obama’s United We Serve act, which calls on all Americans to serve their country this summer, came the rollout of the serve.gov and the “Obama-inspired” All for Good Web sites. According to … Continue reading

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Obama promises to make giving easier for Muslim Americans

During his speech in Cairo last week, President Barack Obama vowed to make charitable giving for American Muslims easier, according to a Chronicle of Philanthropy article. Charitable giving (or zakat) is one of the five main tenets of the Muslim … Continue reading

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